Tom Jeffreys

Featuring a proposal for a circular motorway around a mountain peak, the ‘weird and absurd’ work of the Russia-based artist

Jostling with its loud festival neighbours, the UK’s best attended annual visual art festival conducts a polyphonic debate with art of the past

As the most expensive railway on earth is built, is art being used as a mouthpiece for power?

Four miles west of the city, Jupiter Artland marks its 10th anniversary with a new commission by Phyllida Barlow

At this year’s GI festival, directed by Richard Parry, a future-focused assemblage of what it means to be human

A new report suggests that women, people from working-class backgrounds and BAME workers all face significant exclusion

Nicholas Mangan, Ancient Lights (detail), 2015, two-screen installation, solar panels, batteries, projectors powered by solar energy, dimensions variable. Courtesy: the artist, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland and Labor, Mexico

At once stagnant and dynamic, politically tense and blissfully buoyant, the French capital was a strange place to be living this year

Angelica Mesiti’s films explore the myriad ways humans communicate

A slew of exhibitions commemorates the centenary of the Russian Revolution 

galerie frank elbaz, Paris, France

Lang/Baumann, Up #3, 2017, steel, wood, paint, 9 x 11 x 10 m. Courtesy: L/B

Various venues, Le Havre, France

The boom in Paris's private art foundations