Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany


16 Nov
23 Dec


16 Sep
8 Oct

Channelling an array of found footage into his sound and video works, James Richards tests the limits of depicting visceral materiality

Phoebe Collings-James, ‘Just Enough Violence’, 2015–16; right and foreground: A.L. Steiner, ‘Greatest Hits’, 2016, installation view at Arcadia Missa. Courtesy the artists and Arcadia Missa, London; photograph: Lucie McLaughlin

Various venues, London, UK

Life Sentences, 2014, bronze, 43 × 106 × 13 cm. All images courtesy the artist & Michael Werner, New York and London

Brian Dillon considers the 'monstrous homunculi' of Enrico David

Tamara Henderson and Jeannine Han, Gliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich, 2014,  16mm film still. All images courtesy: the artist and Rodeo, Istanbul

Films and installations from the depths of the unconscious

The guests of Lukas Duwenhögger