Mexico City

At LABOR, Mexico City, the artist has dug a four-metre manhole to raise questions about the future of his hometown

roni horn - kurimanzutto

Mexico City

27 Oct
15 Dec

The retrospective of the ‘professional pedestrian’ at MUAC chronicles a history of parodical performances and mass-produced paraphernalia

At Museo Jumex, Mexico City, a dense survey of work disrupting oppressive power dynamics in formerly colonized regions

‘Women's role in shaping the history of contemporary art is being reappraised’

The gallery-sharing initiative offers cross-cultural conversations and access to artwork rarely exhibited in Mexico

At Museo Tamayo, artists respond to the myth of the French playwright and theorist’s drug-fuelled collapse in the mountains of rural Mexico

Mexico City

17 Mar
5 May

From a swarm of black paper moths to an invented typeface, a retrospective at MUAC reflects the Mexican artist’s shape-shifting practice

With Zona Maco opening in the city today, a guide to the best exhibitions across the Mexican capital

Mexico City

5 Feb
31 Mar