Artists' Film

Artists' Film - 05 Dec 2017

Édouard Glissant's 1961 play Monsieur Toussaint reimagined as a slam battle, swerving between Haitian Creole and French (for a performance at the Ghetto Biennale)

Artists' Film - 09 Apr 2016

A new video by the Chinese artist hosted exclusively on


Film commission centring around the culture of Bulgarian chalga (pop-folk) nightclubs

Artists' Film - 25 Feb 2016

Georgieva’s film commission for Frieze Film 2015 centres around the culture of Bulgarian chalga (pop-folk) nightclubs


A new video examines sculptures as stand-ins

Artists' Film - 16 Oct 2015

For Frieze London 2015, Charles Atlas collaborated with New York choreographers Silas Riener and Rashaun Mitchell on a short video.

Dutch identity, driving across Europe in a plywood car, the charity of strangers

Gillian Wearing and documentary film-making