Frieze Sounds 2014

  • Keren Cytter

    For Frieze Sounds, Cytter presented Constant State of Grace, a minimalist composition intended to elevate the souls of visitors and produce a state of near-hypnosis.

  • Cally Spooner

    For Frieze Sounds, Spooner presented the theme song from the soundtrack to her upcoming film. Appropriated from the work place, re-crafted by Spooner, and composed by her long-term collaborator Peter Joslyn, the song is scored from instructions between an employer and employee.

  • Hannah Weinberger

    For Frieze Sounds, Weinberger debuted Hey, a new composition where the bass of the sound track is the frequency of her own baby’s heartbeat, which is then overlaid with field recordings, natural and artificial settings.

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Frieze Sounds is a program of sound works featuring three specially commissioned audio works by international artists.

Frieze Sounds 2015 will be premiered in the VIP cars at Frieze New York. Sounds will also be accessible via a listening station inside the fair and streamed online.

Frieze Sounds 2015 is programmed and curated by Cecilia Alemani and presented with BMW.

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