Frieze Sounds 2013

  • Frieze Sounds: Listen online now

    The Frieze Sounds program in 2013 featured three specially commissioned audio works by Trisha Baga, Charles Atlas and New Humans, and Haroon Mirza and can now be listened to online
    Listen online now

  • Charles Atlas and New Humans

    Atlas and New Humans extend their collaboration into a new aural experience, utilizing electronically fractured vocals by Atlas and Tajima.

  • Trisha Baga

    Baga will present Hercules Radio, a sound work that remixes sounds from disparate sources including Hollywood movie scores, everyday noises, ominous weather channel forecasts and voiceovers in several different languages.

  • Haroon Mirza

    In a digital homage to the experimental composer John Cage, Moving Towards a Waterfall is 4 minutes and 33 seconds of computer-generated brown noise that slowly increases in volume.

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Frieze Sounds is a program of sound works featuring three specially commissioned audio works by international artists.

Frieze Sounds 2015 will be premiered in the VIP cars at Frieze New York. Sounds will also be accessible via a listening station inside the fair and streamed online.

Frieze Sounds 2015 is programmed and curated by Cecilia Alemani and presented with BMW.

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