Frieze Projects 2012

John Ahearn

South Bronx Hall of Fame (2012)

The presentation inside the fair at Frieze New York included a series of sculptures originally displayed at Fashion Moda and realized in collaboration with Rigoberto Torres, as well as a casting station where Ahearn and Torres made a new series of commissioned portraits, live for the whole duration of the fair.

The original 1979 sculptures portray faces of neighbors from the 3rd Avenue shopping area, as well as downtown artist friends and people from the methadone clinic across the street. Ahearn and Torres began their castings in the gallery’s storefront window, transforming the space into a public street performance visible from the sidewalk.

During the casting, the model is coated in molding gel and must breathe through plastic straws that extend from his nostrils while being wrapped in soaked plaster bandages that quickly harden. This project will also function as a tribute to the alternative spaces and galleries that were once vital for the artistic community and have now closed.

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