Frieze New York Education is sponsored by Deutsche Bank and allows public school classes and museum groups to further explore the fair.

Combining workshops for high school students with visiting groups of school children to this year’s fair, the 2014 Education program at Frieze New York aimed to encourage a collaborative working process and create an awareness of current practice in the contemporary art world.

Frieze New York hosted a wide-ranging program for visiting public school groups from local underserved areas, with a focus on children from districts adjacent to Randall’s Island: East Harlem and the South Bronx. In 2013 the fair hosted 600 school children from all five boroughs of New York, encouraging their exploration of Frieze with a series of guided tours and art workshops that focused on color theory. Included in this year’s program were groups from: Banana Kelly High School, Frank Sinatra High School, Pablo Neruda Academy, Bronxwood High School, High School of Art and Design and Bronx High School for the Visual Arts. Also visiting the fair were Teen Project Studio, an intensive art program that engages local Bronx teens.

A new addition to the 2014 program was a series of workshops for high school students who are already engaged in the study of art. Participants in the Education program had an existing association with local non-profit and museum groups, including those from the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Teens, The Bronx Museum Teen Council and alumni from the Studio Museum, Harlem. The student workshops followed the process of an artwork from its moment of inception to its display at the fair, as well as all the steps in between. Participants developed an understanding of the professions and roles in the field of contemporary art from artists, studio assistants and fabricators to dealers, curators and art critics.

The workshops took their point of departure from work being created by New York-based artist Florian Meisenberg, who showed with Simone Subal Gallery at Frieze New York 2014. At the fair Meisenberg presented an installation that uses both painting and video to simulate the qualities of what he describes as ‘an airport terminal’, in particular its sense of a transitional space in which people are in the midst of coming and going. The Education program workshops too place ahead of the fair and included visits to Meisenberg’s studio and the Simone Subal Gallery, as well as sessions for discussion and video interviews. These workshops culminated at the fair, giving students access to a professional network within the arts industry that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Education Guides were also available for visiting families, encouraging a playful approach to some of the most exciting work by artists from all around the world. Guides could be downloaded in advance.

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